Leeds Under 15 District Cricket


Leeds v. South Yorkshire

Monday 6th June at Wetherby CC LS22 5NB.

10am meet for an 11am start.


The team is: Vinit Patel, Jack Wood, Josh Bennett, George Hanson, Cameron Duncan, Will Powell, Will Pallister, Ollie Riley, Jaysal Benawra, Euan Hardy, Tom Hudson.


Players unavailable or not selected for this match will play in the next fixture.


Please confirm your availability to Mark Powell.


Leeds Under 13 District Cricket


Leeds v. Bradford and Calderdale


Tuesday May 31st


The team is: Ford, Smart, White,Bruce, Bahi, Rooprai, Stephenson, Hay Stephens, Cane, Newlove and Knox.


Please arrive around 9.30am for a 10.30am start.


Whit Festival Under 13 district cricket


Tuesday May 31st v. Bradford and Calderdale

at Bradford and Bingley C.C. BD16 1LT.

10 am meet for an 11 am start.


Thursday June 2nd v. East Yorkshire

at Woodhouse Grange C.C. (probable) Y041 4DF.

10 am meet for an 11 am start.



Ford Capt/Wk, Smart, White, Johnson, Bahi, Rooprai, Bruce, Hay, Cane, Newlove, Rooke and Stephens.


Please confirm your availability by email or text.










The rearranged game will be played at Carlton C.C. on Wednesday May 25th. 10am meet for an 11am start.


Due to exams and injuries we have had to rejig the side somewhat.
The team is : Ford, Smart, White, Johnson, Bahi, Bruce, Hay, Cane, Caines, Newlove, Rooke and Stephens.


If you have not already done so please confirm your availability by text or email.


Information on district kit can be found on the Drury Sports website and orders made via annadrury19@btinternet.com






Sunday May 22nd v. North Yorkshire
10.15 meet for an 11am start.


The team is : Bunn, Brady, Alldred, Harrison, Kapote, Duggal, Hussain, Knox, Parsons, Ralphs, Emmott, Gilman and Carrington.
James Elsworth will come back into the side for the next match.


Please confirm to me on this email address or text 07773722952.
Mr. Andy Emmott will be in charge of the team.




Under 15 District Cricket

Leeds v. East Yorkshire

Sunday May 15th

at Kirk Deighton C.C Mark Lane, Kirk Deighton LS22 4EF

The Leeds team is: Vinit Patel, Will Newton, Josh Bennett, Cameron Duncan, George Hanson, Jack Wood, Ollie Riley, Robert White, Jaysal Benawra, Will Pallister, Tom Hudson.

Start time is yet to be decided. Mark Powell will contact.

Will those who have not already done, so please confirm to Mark Powell.

For this game Simon Wood will be in charge.



Under 13 District Cricket

Leeds V. Kirklees and Wakefield

Wednesday May 18th

at Carlton C.C. Town Street, Carlton WF3 3QU.

10am meet for an 11am start.

The Leeds team is : Dan Ford, Jake Smart, Johnathan White, Leo Johnson, Finlay Bruce,

Josh Stephenson, Gurtaj Bahi, Harvey Winn, Matthew Caines, Joel Newlove, Seb Cane,

Thomas Stephens.

Other members of the squad will play in matches 2 and 3, as the squad will be rotated.


Please confirm to keith.dickson1@ntlworld.com or text 07773722952.



Leeds Under 12 


The Under 12 season is almost upon us. We now have a squad of fourteen and all will play in at least two of the first three matches. Because of the make-up of the squad, it is chiefly the spin bowlers that we will need to rotate.


The first match is against South Yorkshire on Sunday May 15th at Scholes C.C. 10am meet for an 11am start.


The ground is at the end of Rakehill Road, Scholes, (LS15 4AJ).
There are a number of Scholes cricket clubs, but only one with a Leeds postcode!


The team for this match is: Eliot Bunn, Jack Brady, Kshitij Kapote, Thomas Alldred, Joe Harrison, James Elsworth, Giaan Duggal, Daanyaal Hussain (wkt), Archie Ralphs, Dane Emmott, Freddie Knox, and James Gilman. Matthew Parsons and Ellis Carrington will play in matches 2 and 3 on the 22nd and 25th of May.


Please confirm your availability by email or text 07773722952.








There will be no match for our Under 14's this coming Sunday.


Kirklees and Wakefield need more time to assemble and organise their squad.


ALL postponed matches will be played later in the season.



Please take note of these new additions to the squads, yet to be listed in the squads pages..

Under 11 team - Joseph Young
Under 12 team - James Elsworth
Under 15 team - Jaysal Benawra

The First District Teams For The New Season

Under 10 vs. Bradford and Calderdale
Sunday April 17th at Kirk Deighton C.C.
12.15 meet for a 1pm start.

Riley Scott-Ellis capt.
Rohan Ratnalingam
Sabir Mahmood
Jack Rogers, wkt.
Jake Rogers
Salah Siraj
Jack Diffey
Alex Hassan
Jake Ross
Luke McManus
James Alldred
Joseph Alldred

Under 11 vs. South Yorkshire
Sunday April 24th at Hymer College, Hull
10am meet for an 11am start.

Alex Cree, capt. wkt.
Scott Godden
Leo Diffey
Julian Cane
Archie Haddon
Rohan Ratnalingam
Sabir Mahood
Oliver Walsh
Ben Jarvis
Charlie McMurran
Alfie McMillan

Under 11's please confirm your availability via emailor text 07773722952.

Under 14 and 15 district cricket begins on May 1st or 2nd.
Under 12 begins on May 15th
Under 13 begins on May 18th
These details to follow.

Please note, Leeds sqauds are now listed here. Names may be added.



I am concerned that a number of players who are potential county cricketers have not attended their respective age-group trials this time. These include some of our senior players at Under 15 and Under 14, a significant number of boys who attended District Centres and/or Bronze Pathways, and are Leeds-qualified, and a few who were nominated by their clubs but never showed up. Leeds-qualified means you live within the metropolitan boundary. Boys who may have mistakenly attended trials for other districts are not qualified for those teams.

These boys will not be considered for district cricket unless they make it known they are still interested and can explain why they did not attend their trial.

For non-county players, not playing district cricket could have its consequences. District cricketers will get first choice of available places in the Pathways programme for 2016/17. Those not playing district cricket could conceivably miss out.



Postcode News

Despite what you might hear/see elsewhere the restructuring of Leeds teams is nothing to do with postcodes. There are boys who do not have a Leeds postcode but live in the Leeds district - they go to Leeds trials. There are those who have a Leeds postcode but live outside the metropolitan borough. They go to North Yorkshire, Bradford and Calderdale or Kirklees and Wakefield trials, as that's where they live. I will not be making exceptions to this rule.




Later this year the ECB are to issue a blueprint which will
include their ideas regarding the future of 'elite' cricket. We are already aware that it will
stress the importance of district cricket as a means to achieve higher
standards in the game and safeguard its future.
With regard to district cricket, we in Yorkshire are and,
for some time, have been ahead of the game. I believe District Cricket, region playing region, began in
the late 1990's when West Yorkshire Under 13's played South Yorkshire at
Doncaster Town. Tim Bresnan and David Stiff opened up to Paul Cummins and
Andrew Parkin-Coates. After half
an hour I turned to my colleague and said 'This is better than most of the
county cricket we play'.
As Six District Cricket from 2016 onwards, we can make it so
again. Initially, however, it sits
below A and B team county cricket, but above Schools Association and Inter
League Cricket. Eventually it may
prove to be more productive than B team cricket. In 2016 the six teams in each age group will play one another
and the county B team (apart from in West Yorkshire where a combined team will
play the B team). Beyond 2016 some
age groups are likely to stay at six matches, but others may rise to 10.
It was considered important when we sought to revamp the
current District Cricket set-up that it should be independent of the schools
associations (In fact it has always been run by the YCB and not the YSCA. It
was merely coincidental that some schools managers managed district teams) and
of the various leagues across the county. And it is highly significant that the Under 9 and Under 10
competitions this year will, for the first time, take on the same structure as
those from 11 to 15.
As a consequence of this, it was decided that residence
should be the sole factor in determining who plays for which team, not which
school or which club, or where a player was born. Nor should managers be
reliant on postcodes, which can be very confusing. Boundaries exist between the metropolitan boroughs and other
areas in Yorkshire and these will decide where X or Y plays. This is
logistically simpler than other systems and provides a better (though not
perfect) spread of the 'elite' players. Both Leeds and North Yorkshire, the two areas that produce
most county players, will lose substantially more players to other areas than
they gain. So now, a young man starting at nine years of age with
representative cricket will have a clear idea as to who he will be playing for in
the foreseeable future..... and why.
What is open for discussion is some sort of surplus rule. Does Leeds have so many spinners, for
example, that they won't all get a decent go and would it be better loaning one
out to another area who doesn't have any ? I am unsure about this and we can't put in into practice if
the player and his parents don't want it to happen. Also, that player would have to have some connection with the
team he was going to : birth, school or club. What worries me most is that this could create something akin
to the chaotic schools appeal system and take up a great deal of administrative
We want the standard of district cricket to be as high as we
can make it. Consequently A team players should play for their districts as
often as possible. Managers should try to avoid county matches when
establishing fixtures. We believe
it will be better for B teamers and boys from District Centres to play with and
against A team players. However,
there is no doubt that county players especially are playing too much
representative cricket. I estimate
that an upper limit of 25 matches is about right - more than 25 is too much
long-overs, high-intensity cricket. So an Under 11 county A player might play 19 county matches
and six district ones only; an Under 13 A player 15 county matches, six
district ones and up to 4 possibly for others, such as the North Yorkshire or
South Yorkshire teams. It is very
tempting to do otherwise, but this probably means that players may only play in
one age group at district level.
To make the district teams look more distinctive and feel
more important, each district will be allocated an appropriate kit to be bought
and worn at district matches.
Consequently, squad sessions will be held, some time after district
trials, when squads have been selected, in order that boys might try on what
they wish to buy.
Keith Dickson

Under 12 and
Under 13 trials
Several players who were expected at Leeds trials, either
having played for Leeds last year or having been at District Centres or on
Bronze Pathways, did not attend
the trial on March 15th.
If they wish to be considered for 2016 teams they should seek
to explain their absence and make it know that they wish to play. Then
arrangements can be made for their assessment. Otherwise those who did attend
the trial will take their place.


Leeds trials 2016

Tuesday March 15, Under 12 and Under 13 (in 2016)

Tuesday March 22, Under 10 and Under 11

Tuesday March 29, Under 14 and Under 15

All trials are in the East Stand nets at Headingley between 4pm and 6pm.

Please note that 2015 county A and B team players need not attend these trials. Their progress will be monitored at the Gold, Silver and Bronze centres. However, last year's Under 10 A and B team players are invited to attend as this is their first year within the Leeds set-up.

Also, these trials are now for LEEDS METROPOLITAN DISTRICT teams.
You have to live within the Leeds Metropolitan boundary to qualify.

Those who go to school in Leeds but live outside the Leeds boundary should go to their appropriate district trail - North Yorkshire, Bradford and Calderdale or Kirklees and Wakefield.

Any further enquiries should be addressed to Keith Dickson by email or to 07773722952.

Tues 5th Jan 2016


for the better, with more teams and more matches, which will provide more intense competition for county and potential county players.
Districts have been re-organised along these lines : Leeds, Bradford and Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield, North Yorkshire and Cleveland, South Yorkshire and East Yorkshire and Selby.
Each team will pay the other five during the course of the season, as well as the county B team (although it will be one combined West Yorkshire team which opposes the B team and not three).

The first three fixtures for each team will serve the purpose of outdoor county trials, which will be succeeded by age group final trials comprising of the best players from the district squads.The other three matches will be played from the beginning of June onwards, to maintain some formof continuity - something that been lacking with previous district schedules.

The programme is designed to provide opportunities for some boys to preserve their elite player status and for others to achieve that goal. Around ninety players from each of the age groups from 11 to 15 will take part.To ensure the full programme gets underway in 2016, the YCB needs more Managers and/or Coaches.
Managers/coaches will be required to:
1. Help select each age group team.
2. Organise, manage and coach that team for six fixtures across the season.

3. Find grounds on which to play their home matches.
4. Arrange for scoring and umpires.

Please note that some matches will take place on Sundays, some during holiday periods and a few during mid-week term-time. Each district will have a convenor who oversees the entire programme for that area.
Players will be selected on residence only. For example, Leeds players must live within the Leeds Metropolitan District. It is boundaries that count. Postcodes, where you go to school, were born or play your club cricket is not relevant.
Trials for district teams will take place during the spring of 2016 and the first matches for some age groups will take place on April 24th.
Anyone who wishes to be considered for a job as Manager or Coach, which promises to be bigger and better than any other similar competition in the country, should contact Graham Purdy at the YCB office 0113 2899245. Those specifically interested in managing/coaching a Leeds team should ring Keith Dickson on 07773722952.

For a printable version of this information, click here.