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21 Feb 2018


Leeds Schools Cricket Association is pleased to announce that once again it will be running sides in each age group from Under 10 through to Under 15 in 2018.

Our fixtures will seek to avoid district and county matches and consequently be played predominantly in mid-week and during school holidays. (North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Schools Associations operate in a similar fashion, though they have retained the franchise to run 'district cricket' as well)

To have two Leeds teams operating within each age group is far from satisfactory but you must understand that this situation is not of our making. The compromise we suggested which would have avoided the two-team scenario has been ignored, and we presume rejected, by the YCB. We have not been informed of such. Having been involved in schools association and district cricket for over thirty years now I am frankly appalled that personal prejudice should be dictating Board policy and that the ECB, it would seem, has condoned such behaviour.

Details of how we will go about selecting our sides will be released at a later date. Qualification will be based on the rules which applied at the time the schools association competitions were abandoned a few years ago.


That is:

1. You can qualify by being born in Leeds.

2. By going to school within the Leeds Metropolitan boundary.

3. By living within the Leeds Metropolitan boundary.

4. By playing junior or senior cricket within that boundary on a regular basis. This is most likely to be in a 'home' capacity, but could also be in an 'away' capacity.

This means that all those who played for Leeds teams last year can still play in these teams. Unless parents let me know otherwise, I will assume all these players are available for selection.

Arrangements will be made to assess those who did not play for Leeds teams last season and for those who did not qualify last season but do so now under the rules as outlined above.

Players will not be required to buy new kit. The logo used on kit last season was first designed and used twenty five years ago and is the property of LSCA and not Leeds MD.



Keith Dickson, Chairman.








Monday 12th February and Tuesday February 13th


10am to 3pm both days


Held at Stumps Indoor Cricket Centre, Wakefield WFI 5RL.


Bring your own lunch.


To book a place please email steveholli@hotmail.co.uk






Leeds Schools Cricket Association; An Update


Last week representatives of LSCA met with those of Leeds Metro District and the YCB. It was evident that neither body wanted two teams representing the Leeds district in each age group. However, it would be also fair to say that Leeds M.D./YCB had nothing to offer by way of an alternative or a solution to the current problem. LSCA suggested a compromise position - that for the time being must remain private - which the YCB will now consider.

If that is unacceptable to them, or if specific terms of the agreement are unacceptable to LSCA, then it would appear there will be separate teams next season. Quite ridiculous.....but you must understand that this is a situation entirely of the Board's making, since they decided to remove the franchise to run district cricket from LSCA, basing their decision on somewhat flimsy evidence. That Leeds did not fulfil certain fixtures last season, when in each instance there were large enough squads but that substantial numbers of players were unavailable for a variety of reasons, not least on which was holidays, can hardly be described as mismanagement. Furthermore, other districts were also guilty of 'mismanagement' during the course of 2017, but these appear to have been conveniently overlooked. Another example of inconsistency I'm afraid.

Furthermore, I cannot see that the Board's willingness to separate Leeds M.D. and LSCA is anything more than a disservice to parents. The YCB have consistently failed to recognise that parents are effectively the shareholders of junior elite cricket and that their opinions should at least be taken into account. In a recent questionnaire, 82 per cent of those who responded expressed dissatisfaction with the Board's performance this year. Steve and I will continue to fight LSCA's corner and seek to represent that majority... until such time as over 80 per cent of you express satisfaction at proceedings, rather than the opposite.

Shortly several pieces will be added to the Leeds website under Chairman's Notes to keep you abreast of recent developments.


Please have an enjoyable Christmas!


Kind regards,


Keith Dickson

Chairman, Leeds Schools Cricket Association.







Recently I noticed that Josh Inglis had batted and kept wicket for Western Australia in a Sheffield Shield match. Some years ago now, Josh was an excellent Leeds schools captain and YSCA county cricketer, that is, until his family emigrated. Around the same time as the match in Australia, another former Leeds schools cricketer, Chris Silverwood was appointed England bowling coach, having previously played for England and managed Essex to the 2017 county championship. And it should not be forgotten that Jonny Bairstow began his representative cricket career with Leeds schools as an Under 11, as North Yorkshire, where he lived, did not run an Under 11 team at that time.

We take no credit for their success. A manager or coach might direct and influence performance, but can never score runs and take wickets for his players. All Leeds schools did then, and hopefully will continue to do, is provide players with an opportunity to play representative cricket, so that they themselves can develop their game. Leeds was the first schools association to run teams in each age group from eleven through to fifteen.

I mention these three in particular as all obviously had the ability to succeed, but also have or had a great work ethic and determination to do so. I wonder how many of our current crop will develop a similar level of self-belief and progress their skills to achieve something like the same results ?




Dear Parents,


A meeting has been called for Tuesday October 10th, 7pm. meet for a 7.15 start.

The venue will be: Methley Working Men's Club, 21 Pinfold Lane, Methley, LS26 9AA.

At this meeting we will review the 2017 season and make plans for 2018.

At this moment in time, the Yorkshire Cricket Board do not wish to negotiate a way forward with respect to our participation in district cricket, which could lead to an attempt to sabotage this association. Please attend in order to get a fuller picture of the issues involved, as they will affect your son whether at a district or at county level. Unlike the YCB, we believe that parents must have a say in decision-making and that it should not be the exclusive right of the governing body to determine policy.

It is important that all age groups are well represented. Parents of our 2017 Under 15's are welcome to attend, although we recognise that their sons are no longer part of the junior set-up.

Please read the 'Chairman's Notes' on this website beforehand. Each household will receive a remainder by email and further documentation before the meeting takes place.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Best Wishes,




10th Sep 2017 


On behalf of Leeds Schools Cricket Association and Leeds Metropolitan District Cricket


Dear Parents,

You will shortly receive an email outlining the current situation with respect to our relations with the YCB. Firstly let me say that I believe reasoned criticism is a healthy thing; that parents should be encouraged to state their views; that these should be considered and met with a positive response. That is what moves things forward and prevents inertia or stagnation. The problem at the moment is that the YCB clearly think differently.

It is therefore important that you express your opinions to myself or to Steve Holliday so that we can formulate plans which protect the interests of the hundred plus players under our care. One suggestion has been that we create a governing body made up of officials and one parent representative for each age group.

Please read the Chairman's Notes found elsewhere on this website. They were not written in consequence of some personal grievance but with the intention of informing parents of the 'bigger picture'. When things are not right I'm afraid I have to say so.

Apologies for a degree of repetition. Some pieces slightly update previous ones and it is difficult to separate the underlying themes one from another. I would hope you view each article in the context of constructive argument and respond accordingly.


Best Wishes,


Keith Dickson,



Winter Coaching 2018


For those u 10 and u 11 next season

Starts Monday 8th Jan 2018

At Stumps in Wakefield

Timings 6.30 till 8.30 pm.

Cost £60 for 6 weeks coaching


For those u 12 and u 13 next season

Starts Wednesday 10th Jan 2018

At Stumps in Wakefield

Timings 6.30 till 8.30 pm.

Cost £60 for 6 weeks coaching.


Further details on coaching for the above and for older age groups will be given later.

All monies taken will go back into junior cricket to help fund our summer programme in 2018. 

The minimum standard required for players is Taverners level.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.


To book please email Steve Holliday




Congratulations to all those Leeds players selected to play county cricket this season!

Under 10                  

Abdullah Abbas, Jack Diffey, Lewis Howard, Sam McBride


Under 11

Rohan Ratnalingam, Sabir Mahmood


Under 12

Alex Cress. Leo Diffey, Charlie McMurran, Oliver Walsh, Scott Godden, Archie Haddon, Julian Cane


Under 13

Eliot Bunn, Kshitij Kapote, Jack Brady


Under 14

Dan Ford, Leo Johnson, Josh Stephenson, Jonathon White, Finlay Rooke, Jake Smart, Joel Newlove


Under 15

Eliot Goldthorp, Harry Sullivan, Arjun Ramkumar, Josh Neal, Aidan Langley, Joe Smith


Apologies  to anyone I've missed out, but it is not exactly easy getting detailed information on all our county sides from the YCB website.

Eliot Goldthorp captained the North at the Bunbury festival and was joined in the team by Harry Sullivan and Arjun Ramkumar.

All three were then selected to play for the North and Midlands in the Best of Bunbury three day festival at the end of August with Eliot again as captain.... a fantastic achievement for the three of them.






For six to fifteen year olds

At Hunslet Nelson Cricket Club

Monday August 14th, Tuesday August 15th, Wednesday August 16th

From 10am until 3pm each day

Only £ 8 per day !

Bring your own lunch but hot food is available.

Training to suit all abilities.

To book, email Steve Holliday



Under 9 District Cricket

The trial to establish a Leeds M.D. team for the upcoming district matches (commencing on July 16th and listed elsewhere on this website) will take place this coming Saturday, July 8th at Rodley C.C. LS13 1HW. The trial commences at 9.30 am.

May I remind parents this trial is for players who live within the Metropolitan boundary and pay their council tax to Leeds. Whatever league they play for is irrelevant, as is the school they go to, or their postcode.

Contact Mark Sugden mxsugden@aol.com for further details.

Players must have had experience of hard ball cricket.





Some Good News!!

Leeds Schools Cricket Association are pleased to announce a sponsorship arrangement with the Big Lottery Fund.

The money that organisation has provided will be used to develop the potential of all promising cricketers within the Leeds area, both those who go to school in Leeds but live outside the Metropolotian District and those who live in Leeds but go to school outside the Leeds boundary. It will chiefly be spent on coaching, which in consequence will be available at much reduced rates.

Details as to where and when coaching sessions and courses will be provided will follow.






The following players have been selected to represent Leeds M.D. for the 2017 series of district matches:

Alex Cree, capt. wk.

Scott Godden

Leo Diffey

Julian Cane

Archie Haddon

Ricky Priestley

Ben Jarvis

Alfie McMillan

Oliver Walsh

Charlie McMurran

Charlie Dissanayaka

Joe Young

Ryan Thorp

Josh Allinson

Aryan Girish

Thomas Thornhill.


Many thanks to all those who attended the recent trials.

Commiserations to those who have not made the squad this year.


The initial set of matches are on May 1st, May 7th, May 21st, May 25th (Cleveland), May 28th and June 1st.

If anyone can suggest a ground for May 25th and May 28th it would be much appreciated.

Please let me know asap if you are unavailable for any of these games. We can at that point decide who plays when.





It's a little more than three weeks to the start of the new district season and we still don't have manager/coaches in place for three age groups, Under 10, Under 14 and Under 15.

I appreciate that the job is, in some respects, a thankless task and financially unrewarding, but parents will also recognise that we need to get our players on the pitch if they are to show off their skills, make progress and perhaps reach higher levels.

We were told two years ago that there were lots of people around who were willing to run a district team. This would not appear to be the case. Jobs have been advertised on this website in 2016 and 2017 and there were two applicants in total, one of whom withdrew.

I am prepared to compromise and suggest that applicants offer to do one game only and that we fill gaps in the fixture list that way. Otherwise, if people are not forthcoming, I will soon have to start calling games off.






Under 12 Squad 2017


The final Under 12 trial will be held in the Yorkshire Cricket Centre on

Monday, April 10th, from 4pm until 6pm.


The following players are invited to attend :

Josh Allinson

Edward Denton

Dominic Kinder

Aryan Girish

Edward Hutchinson

Haris Mahmood

Daniel Marlow

Alfie McMillian

Daniel Nash

Charlie Popely

Ricky Priestley

Rowan Smith

Thomas Thornhill

Ryan Thorp

Luke Wade

Daniel Wilson

Flinn Woodward-Chapman


The trial will take the form of an indoor game.



Many thanks to all those who attended the recent trials. The Squads for under 13, 14 and 15 have been chosen and selected names can be found on the relevant pages within the website.

Under 12 news shall be coming shortly.





Under 11 trial 2017

Many thanks to all of those that attended the Leeds MD trial in the Cricket Centre. This season the standard was high with lots of players of similar ability. To provide additional opportunity for players to show further skills a second round trial will be held in a match format.

The match will take place at Barwick in Elmet C.C. (LS15 4EB) on Monday April 17th, 1.30pm start. The format of the game will be an 11 a side 22 over match, played on an astroturf wicket (no spikes please).

Players invited to attend are, in no particular order:

Joel Jeffrey, William Joyce, Harry Appleyard, Curtis Sugden, Liam Phillips, Jack Rogers, Max Budd, Riley Scott- Ellis, Sam McKinlay, James Knight, Jake Ross, Vasanth Rajagopalan, Jake Rogers, Aaron Patel, Haider Ali, Archie Farrell-Smith, Luke McManus, Ishu Roy, Josh Morris, Alex Hassan, James Alldred and Ethan Gardner .

In the event of the match not going ahead or any player being unable to attend, selections will be based on the scores produced at the Headingley trial on the 22nd.

Sabir Mahmood and Rohan Ratnalingam have been pre-selected for the squad.

If anybody has any questions please email Raymond Budd on wetherbyjuniorcricket@gmail.com or phone 07921315309.



Under 12 trial

Many thanks to those who attended on the 23rd of March. The trial proved to be highly competitive and, as a result, somewhat inconclusive. Consequently, a second trial outdoors will be required to determine which players will join the existing county players to complete the squad. Those required to attend will be invited once a date, time and venue have been decided.



Under 13 squad

Again many thanks to those boys, relations and other helpers who attended the Under 13 trial on March 23rd. We are almost there with selection, but certain players who were unable to attend last week's trial have been asked to attend the Under 14 one this coming Tuesday. Shortly after that, a final decision will be made about the squad for the coming season.









Many thanks to those relatives and friends who brought more than thirty-five boys to our Under 9 and Under 10 trial.... and to the boys themselves, who tried really hard to impress.


The Under 10 squad selected is:

Jack Diffey, capt.

Vinnie Banks

George Ellis

Abdullah Abbas

Sam McBride, wk.

Charlie Westmoreland

Peter Greenfield

Lewis Howard

Freddie Winter

Josh Stephens

Aaron Ratnalingam

Alex Huby

Oliver Thompson

Joseph Alldred

Lorcan Rooke


The following boys are on the reserve list : Tom Boddington, Dhruv Girish and Mason Connor (wk.) These boys may well play during the course of the season as a result of injury, loss of form or unavailability.

Notes were made of promising Under 9's, but a final selection will not be made until the inter-league competition planned for June is nearing its end.

Commiserations to those who were not selected. Go back to you clubs, improve your skills and try again next year.



Trial dates for 2017 are now on the Trials page here

Fixtures arranged for 2017 so far can be found on the fixtures page, or to download a printable pdf list, please click here.